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“Somebody I Used to Know” is a Rom-Com Masterpiece

Updated: Mar 10

If you think Somebody I Used to Know, starring the super-talented Alison Brie and directed by Dave Franco, is just another generic romantic comedy – tired romance tropes and all – you’d be surprised how wrong you are. I still think about this film as I write this review this moment, which indicates how impactful watching this film was to me. In the film, Brie plays a workaholic Los Angeles TV producer named Ally who travels back to her hometown of Leavenworth, Washington, where she rediscovers fond memories of her romantic past – while facing a professional life crisis. This adventure turns into some unexpected – and often hilarious – complications with her long-ago boyfriend Sean (played by Jay Ellis). Trust me when I say Somebody stands out from the usual romantic comedy fare – and in a good way.

Brie, who also co-wrote the film with Franco, has always been one of my favorite actors since I saw her both in Emerald Fennell’s brilliant Promising Young Woman and the hilarious Netflix show GLOW. There’s so much I could cover regarding my review that I will focus on one character that made the film special: Ally. Ally (played by Brie) is so heartwarmingly relatable, hilarious, and complex you cannot help but root for her or wish she was your lifelong best friend in real life. As silly as it may sounds to others, I felt I was watching my own inner free-spirted Ally coming to life on the screen (minus the streaking). Brie gave a fantastic performance in this film to the point where I did tear up during a few scenes both feeling sad for and inspired by Ally and her journey to finding out who she was deep down. Ellis, Kiersey Clemons and Danny Pudi also gave fantastic performances, putting this film as being the most well-casted film in Hollywood right now. On a lighter, unrelated note, Somebody‘s teaser poster is spot-on hilarious.

If you have Amazon Prime, watch this film today or whenever you (or you and your loved one together) feel in the mood for a memorable, heartfelt film. Somebody I Used to Know alone has made me a fan of the Brie and Franco filmmaking duo. No, I was not paid to write this review. I feel Somebody I Used to Know will be an instant classic that (hopefully) people will see and revisit time and time. I’m already looking forward to what other films Brie and Franco have planned for the future.

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